Dr. Frank Page

What Now?

Americans went to bed, if they went to bed at all, stunned with the news of last night’s election. The same Americans woke this morning, if they slept at all, stunned with the news of last night’s election. We now await the elite to tell us what happened and why Americans voted as they did. […]

Time is Running Out!

The eighth chapter of Jeremiah contains a long lament of the weeping prophet over the spiritual condition of Israel. He had been instructed by the Lord to stand in the gate of the Lord’s house and proclaim God’s word. He powerfully warned God’s people of judgment to come in the following chapters. In the midst […]

The Stewardship of Democracy

On the second Tuesday of November, I plan to step up to the electronic ballot table in my voting precinct and cast my vote for president of the United States. I will do so prayerfully. I will do so carefully. I will so gladly. I may do so sadly. But, Lord willing, I will do […]

Racial tensions beg return to godliness, Page says

The church must return to God’s lordship to adequately serve communities struggling with such problems as racism, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank S. Page told North Carolina Baptists at an associational meeting. “God is saying, ‘I am calling you back to my lordship,’” Page told pastors at the New South River Baptist Association’s […]