Dr. Frank Page

Is Change Possible?

I often shock people when I show them the teacher’s comments on my first-grade report card. As you can see, my first grade teacher remarked that I was shy, timid, and lacked self-confidence. Most people who know me today find that description of my personality bewildering. I admit that I have changed over the years. Most people would never believe that I still, on occasion, have a shy side in some settings. However, […]

Easier Said Than Done

Second Chronicles 24:2 says this about Joash, king of Judah: Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord… (NIV) King Amaziah is described one chapter later: He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, but not wholeheartedly. (2 Chronicles 25:2, NIV) As we know from reading a litany of Old Testament kings and their behaviors, too many kings did not follow the Lord or did not do […]

The Tear Bottle

Over the years, I have hosted many groups in Israel. Often, though not always, the groups I have led have been kind to purchase a gift to present to me near the end of the trip. It is certainly not obligatory, but a generous expression of appreciation. Through the years, I have been given some beautiful olive wood carvings which I exhibit in my office to this day. I have received other items […]

Revival in Cuba

I recently had the privilege of visiting the island of Cuba. I had heard about a church planting movement and spiritual revival there, but I was so privileged to experience some of that reality personally during my visit. Hundreds of new churches, primarily house churches, are springing up across the entire island. SBC missionaries have trained and encouraged and Cuban pastors have taken leadership. I met several young, committed pastors who had personally […]