Dr. Frank Page


For some time I’ve been thinking about aphorisms, or sayings, that I often hear. Some of them have made their way into popular culture and the common vernacular. Others are even part of songs. Read the following and see if you have heard them: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. What doesn’t make you bitter makes you better. God helps those who help themselves. It’s all good. With all due respect. It is what it is. Are these sayings true? […]

Unmet Expectations

I read an interesting article in Leadership Journal by a pastor named Michael Bender titled, “Failing Them Softly.” The subtitle of his article was, “Disappointing people’s expectations is inevitable. Just do it at a rate they can tolerate.” I have often experienced this reality in my pastoral ministry. In my entire experience, I pastored churches that were either plateaued or declining when I arrived. As one begins the process of changing the attitude, perspective, and direction of a church, expectations are […]

Father Knows Best

We will soon celebrate Father’s Day. Do you remember hearing of an old show called “Father Knows Best”? It was a show that aired decades ago about a mythical family where the father always dressed in suits and the mother always wore pearls and gloves for her daily chores. In the mythical family that was portrayed, the father was a loving, humorous, dependable man who led his family in a stable environment. That kind of show seems almost comical in the […]

The Certainty

We have just gone through the wonderful season of the year in which we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Without a doubt, it is the high point in most churches as people show up who rarely darken the door the rest of the year. For true believers, it is a high point in the year because we celebrate the ultimate certainty and validation of our faith. As we study 1 Corinthians 15:3–14, we see the certainty of the resurrection […]