Dr. Frank Page

Kingdom Calvary—Part 1 (His First Coming)

Many of us wish for the perfect person in our life. The person that will always do the right thing, give us everything we could ever want, and never think twice about it. Yet, we know that not only does that person not exist for us; we aren’t that person for someone else, either. None […]

Kingdom Forgiveness

  Forgiveness is a needed commodity, isn’t it? We have all been recipients of God’s gracious acts of forgiveness and I am personally thankful for that. We have received it, yet we continue to seek it every day. God’s forgiveness is clearly expressed in the model prayer in Matthew 6:12. Let me remind you this […]

Billy Graham Was My Hero

In Romans 1:8, first-century evangelist and apostle Paul wrote, First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world. As I reflect on the life and ministry of Billy Graham, I thank God that this same faith—salvation through personal trust in our Lord Jesus […]

Kingdom Suffering

Obviously, trouble occurs in every life. It can cause us to ask questions such as, “What happens when God does not answer my prayers?” or “What good can come from bad in my life?” A related question is, “Should I pray for God to intervene and remove difficult things from my life?” How one reacts […]