May 12, Mother’s Day and Christian Home Week

Dear Friends:

Soon we will celebrate Mother’s Day and will continue that week to celebrate Christian Home Week. We all know that Mother’s Day receives far more emphasis than Father’s Day. We all know the humbling statistics about fatherhood involvement versus motherhood involvement in the lives of children. Taking that even further, we are all aware of the frightening statistics of what is happening to the modern-day family. Long-predicted, the dissolution of emotional ties between family members is now becoming readily apparent. The horrible consequences of the paradigm shifts in families are now coming to bear. The once-seen traditional family is now dramatically different.

Please know that I recognize reality. I know things are not perfect in any family. I have given much support in my ministry and life to hurting people who have gone through divorces and have experienced difficult circumstances. I am a personal supporter of pro-life ministries that help support young women and young fathers who have made terrible mistakes, but who choose to support the lives of those children born outside what might be called a traditional family network. I understand that few in our 21st century are living in what might be called a historically traditional family setting.

That being said, I still believe that recognizing reality should not, in any way, encumber us from lifting high the ideal that God has for us. In Genesis 2:28, the Bible tells us that God’s wish is that a man leave his father and mother and join his wife in the building of a home and the two shall become one flesh. Has God’s wish changed? I believe it has not. I am convinced that God’s way works. I am convinced that God’s methods are best for little boys and girls. Statistics abound to show what happens when a godly, supportive father is not present in the home. How we desperately need to reaffirm God’s call and God’s will. We desperately need to teach children that even if they do not see it modeled much, God’s way must be sought with all their heart.

With that in mind, I encourage you to say a word of encouragement to your parents. Call them, visit them, and love them. Tell them how much you deeply appreciate them. Particularly, as we come to May 12, tell your mother how much you appreciate the sacrifice that she made for you. Instead of constantly looking at where we have failed, let us try to emphasize that which has worked. May this next week be a week of affirmation of God’s way, but also of appreciation for those who have tried to model God’s way. Honor your parents, but do so by expressing loving ministry to them in this next week. Take a moment to hold your children tight. Understand that they are a precious gift from God to you. Know that the days will come quickly when they will be grown and gone. Cherish each moment, but particularly next week make it a point to spend more time than ever with your precious family and your precious children.


Frank S. Page, Ph.D.

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