An Irrecoverable Moment

Are there moments in our lives that we find ourselves at a crossroads where the decision made at that moment changes us forever? I believe that irrecoverable moments appear in the life of every man, woman, boy, and girl. Decisions are made that forever alter our destiny, the destiny of our family, our friends, and even our church. The disciples witnessed one of these irrecoverable moments when Jesus changed the life of the Samaritan woman through His glorious gift of salvation.

When confronted by Christ, this woman found that Jesus knew all about her. Her past came flooding forth, and instead of encountering the condemnation she had come to expect, Jesus showed compassion and understanding. When we are confronted by Christ, we see ourselves as we really are. All of the pretenses, excuses, and outward appearances that we normally confront are invisible to Him. While this can be a painful process, sometimes it is the only path to wholeness. If personal revival is to occur, it must begin with honesty about our past.

The Samaritan woman was also overwhelmed by Christ’s ability to see her heart. Yes, He knew her life and her actions, but Jesus was also able to see the emptiness caused by worshipping other gods. Jesus explained to this struggling, hurting, sinful human being that He was the only one who could bring meaning and order to her life. I believe that at this point, Christ beautifully revealed Himself to her and she accepted Him as King of her life. Christ sees us as we truly are; yet, fortunately, He is able to see past the hurt, sin, and failure to see the person that we can become.

Following her encounter with Christ, the first instinct of the Samaritan woman was to share her newfound discovery. She had found “living water”! This woman who had once been the source of moral failure for some had become the source of spiritual good news for so many. Is it not amazing that this transformation occurred so quickly? Is it not wonderful that a person whose life was headed in the wrong direction could change in such a short time to become an evangelist for the Lord?

The same can occur in your own life. Have you found Christ as this woman did? Decide today to take advantage of the moments that you are given. Fill up your present with a ministry of testimony and witness that will have a profound impact both on your future and the future of many.

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