Is God at Home in You?

Early in my ministry I was challenged to read the Bible through in a single year. This is a practice I have faithfully continued since January of 1974. God’s Word continues to illuminate my heart with precious truths. There is not a day when God does not reveal something new, fresh, and exciting to me. […]

Looking Back

As we mark yet another Southern Baptist Convention in the history books, many people are asking what the Convention was like and how did it go? Others are asking how we can make things better in the future. First of all, let me say that I was proud to be part of the entire meeting. […]

Upcoming Southern Baptist Convention

Soon, thousands of Baptists from all across the nation will gather in Phoenix, Arizona, for the next Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. It will be a jam-packed two days of meetings, presentations, sermons, and more. Dr. Steve Gaines will be nominated, and, most likely, re-elected as president of the Convention for his second year. Many […]

What Now?

Americans went to bed, if they went to bed at all, stunned with the news of last night’s election. The same Americans woke this morning, if they slept at all, stunned with the news of last night’s election. We now await the elite to tell us what happened and why Americans voted as they did. […]