The Kingdom Life

Are you where you need to be in the Lord? Have you reached your fullest potential in Christ? We obviously know the answer to that. Some of us have become too content with where we are, but we must have a genuine desire to move forward in our growth in Christ. Matthew 18:1–14 is an […]

Thy Kingdom Come

As we begin this new year, I will be focusing my blog posts on a sermon series I created entitled Kingdom Matters. Over the next few months, we will walk through what it looks like to live a Kingdom life in the here and now. To start us off, we need to ask the question, […]

God’s Love for Us

Twentieth-century Canadian preacher Leonard Griffith told the story of a contest that required contestants to write, in twenty-five words or less, why they liked to shop in a particular store. The prize for first place was a fifty-dollar shopping spree in that store. Suppose there were another contest. It would go like this: “In twenty-five […]

The Task Before Us

One Christmas, an elderly woman decided to send money to her family members instead of buying gifts. She purchased Christmas cards for everyone and wrote a Merry Christmas greeting followed by the phrase, “Buy your own presents this year.” However, in January she realized that she had sent the Christmas cards, but had forgotten to […]