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2015 SBC Annual Meeting Panel

Frank S. Page discussed lostness and the Great Commission with David Platt and Russell Moore at a panel on the CP stage at the 2015 SBC annual meeting.

Salvation and the Mission of God

Gospel Project breakfast

During the 2014 SBC annual meeting, Frank S. Page participated in a panel discussion about salvation and the mission of God with David Platt, Trevin Wax, and Ed Stetzer. They discussed:

  • Does one’s belief on the extent of the atonement affect their understanding of mission and the offer of the gospel?
  • Can two Christians disagree on soteriology and partner in ministry?
  • Does the order of salvation affect how one does evangelism?
  • When it comes to the theological particulars of salvation, what is the difference between compromise and cooperation?


Acts 1:8 Strategy

At the 2014 SBC annual meeting, Frank S. Page and Ashley Clayton had a discussion about the Cooperative Program on the CP stage in the exhibit hall.